UPNEDA issued a 16 MW tender for rooftop solar

The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy (UPNEDA) has floated a tender for the development of 16 MW of grid-interactive rooftop solar projects for captive use. These projects will be installed atop various government buildings across the state. According to the tender guidelines, the interested bidders can submit the bids in three categories. Part A includes a bid for 1-10 kW capacity (1.2 MW), from 11-100 kW (10 MW) is for Part B, and for Part C, bidders should bid for projects of 101-500 kW capacity (4.8 MW). The solar PV modules used in the installation need to be of crystalline solar PV technology, manufactured in India. The last date for the submission of the bid is September 23, 2019.


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