Kunwer Sachdev: Founder & MD, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited

Founder & MD, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited

Kunwer Sachdev, founder and managing director, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, has helped catapult the company from a start-up to one of the fastest growing companies in the country in a short span of time. Born in a middle-class family in Delhi, Sachdev, with no technological background, founded a company that is today known for its technologically advanced power products.

Sachdev has a degree in mathematical statistics and law from Delhi University. In 1998, he ventured into the power backup solutions business, setting up Su-Kam. Today, the company has operations across 90 countries. Prior to this, he was involved in the cable television business. Under Sachdev’s leadership, Su-Kam has achieved several firsts to its credit. It has filed over 100 patents for technology and design in the power backup industry, the highest for any Indian company. It has also launched the world’s first plastic-body inverter, which has been declared as the Innovation of the Decade by India Today. “These innovations were possible only due to the robust research and development unit of Su-Kam. Innovation and sophistication in products is my passion,” says Sachdev.

He sees scope for major growth in the solar power space. He has led the development of innovative solar solutions – off-grid and on-grid systems – to cater to the needs of a range of energy consumers.

On the state of the power sector, Sachdev says, “Electricity is critical to power the economic growth of the country. India is on the road to development, but to accelerate growth, it is critical to ensure the availability of uninterrupted power supply. In today’s scenario, we lack the infrastructure to meet the growing demand for power.” He further underscores the importance of renewable energy to offset the demand for conventional fuels as well as to pave the way for cleaner solutions. “A green economy is the need of the hour,” he says.

Sachdev also has a flair for marketing, which has led him to launch several innovative branding initiatives for the company. Moreover, he sees internal branding as an important strategy to engage with employees. His peers see him as a leader, who has a novel approach towards solving tough problems. He is also an ardent sports enthusiast, with swimming and running being his favourites. Going forward, Sachdev aims to make Su-Kam a market leader in technology and innovation or “technovation”, as he calls it.